Agrible's Pocket Spray Smart app provides field-specific spraying conditions, current wind speed and direction, and temperature inversion potential for the current GPS location of your smartphone. To take advantage of the Your Fields option, users must be part of a Sustainability Campaign, have fields on the account, and sign into the app using their account credentials. The app will allow free account holders to sign in, but no data will display until the account has been upgraded. (Each field will display N/A if the account does not have the Pocket Spray Smart option.) website users are able to access this information via the Spray Smart page.

To get started using the Agrible Pocket Spray Smart, please download the app for your device type. The app is available as a free download in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Check out the Pocket Spray Smart: Quick Start Guide article for further information on how to use the app.

Pocket Spray Smart Icon

Pocket Spray Smart App

Pocket Spray Smart Icon

Pocket Spray Smart App

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