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Pocket Rain Gauge: Quick Start Guide
Pocket Rain Gauge: Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with Pocket Rain Gauge

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Agrible's Pocket Rain Gauge app allows users to view the previous 24 hour rainfall total for the current GPS location of their smartphone -or- login and view the previous 24 hour rainfall total for each of their fields. Rolling updates occur hourly, meaning the rainfall data for the oldest hour falls off as the data for the most recent hour is added.

To get started using the Agrible Pocket Rain Gauge, please download the app for your device type. The app is available as a free download in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Pocket Rain Gauge Icon

Pocket Rain Gauge App Icon

How do I use it?

Your Location

When the app first opens, the Your Location option will load. This displays the previous 24 hours of rainfall for the approximate GPS location of the device. You can then select Looks Good or Seems Off to indicate if the data seems accurate for your area. If the information Seems Off, please let us know by how much. This information will help us improve our system over time.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Your Location - Looks Good or Seems Off

Your Fields

Select Your Fields to login to your account and access the previous 24 hours of rainfall for your fields.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Your Fields Login

Quick Tip: To get started on, please use the Free Sign Up option. You can then add as many fields as desired. Please view the available options for adding fields in the Adding Fields to your account article.

Upon successful login, the app will sync with our system and load the highest level of your account Farm Tree. If you have multiple Organizations or shared access to another user's account, you will be able to choose which Organization first.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Your Fields - Select Organization

The Farm level will load after selecting the organization. Click on Plus(+) symbol or Farm name to expand the list of attached Fields. Clicking on the Minus(-) symbol will minimize the list of attached fields.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Farms - Expand Field List

Use the Search box at the top of the app to search for a specific field name.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Search

Logging Out and Accessing Settings

To access the Log Out and Settings area, select the menu button on the top left of the app in the shape of three dash marks. Select the Log Out button to log out of your Agrible account. If you are not logged in yet, a Log In option will be present instead.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Log Out

Directly below the Log Out/Log In area, you can select your preferred Units measurement type. Choose from US or Metric to manually set this on the app - toggle on the option to Use Device Settings for the app to mirror your unit measurement preferences on your device.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Unit of Measure

How do I contact Agrible Customer Support with questions?

Select the green speech bubble icon in the upper right corner of the app to start a chat Agrible Customer Support.

Pocket Rain Gauge - Contact Agrible Customer Support

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