Farm Tree Management can take place at any time within your Agrible account and includes editing names, deleting, or moving fields to different farms.

What is the Farm Tree?

The Farm Tree is only visible while logged into the website and viewing certain tools. It is located on the left side of the website and will allow you to select a farm or field to use with the tool currently selected. The view of the Farm Tree may differ depending on the device used for viewing and the way the device is held (vertical vs horizontal). More information can be found in Navigating Your Agrible Account.

Farm Tree Management - Farm Tree Location

Navigating Your Agrible Account
Farm Tree Management

How to edit a farm or field name

How to delete a farm or field

How to move a field to a different farm

How do I create a new farm or group?
Adding field boundaries to your account

How to name your farms and fields
How do I merge boundaries or edit existing boundaries?

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