WARNING: Currently, we are only importing boundaries from the John Deere Operations Center. It may be possible to have machine data in your Operations Center, but no field boundaries. 

Step 1. Select the "John Deere Operations Center" field import option

  • Option 1: Select the "John Deere Operations Center" option during the sign up process to enter the import process. 
  • Option 2: If you skipped adding fields during the sign up process, select the "Add Fields" button within your Farm Tree. Then, select the "John Deere Operation Center" option to enter the import process.

Step 2. Connect your Agrible and John Deere Operations Center accounts

A notification will appear on your screen to take you to Deere.com, select "Continue". Sign in to your MyJohnDeere account. To allow the connection between Agrible and your John Deere Operations Center, select "Allow". After allowing the connection, you are taken back to the Agrible website. 

Step 3. Import your fields

Select the organization within your MyJohnDeere account that you would like to import, then select "Import Fields". An import status will be shown and once the import status reaches 100%, select "Next". 

  • Quick Tip: If your import status does not reach 100% within 10 minutes, please start a live conversation with Agrible's Customer Support team in the lower right hand corner of the website.  

Step 4. Review your Import Summary

An Import Summary will be presented to you. This includes the number of new fields added to your Agrible account, the number of fields that were updated in your Agrible account, and the number of fields that didn't change. Also, you will be shown if all fields imported successfully and are up-to-date or if some fields failed to import. Select "Done". 

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