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Importing field boundaries from John Deere Operations Center
Importing field boundaries from John Deere Operations Center

Import your fields from John Deere Operations Center

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WARNING: Currently, we are only importing boundaries from the John Deere Operations Center. It may be possible to have machine data in your Operations Center, but no field boundaries. Access your MyJohnDeere account and ensure your field boundaries are in "Active" status to ensure they will import.

How To Import Field Boundaries From John Deere Operations Center (MyJohnDeere Account)

Step 1

Select to Log In or Sign Up for an Agrible account.

Step 2

Select +Add Fields at the top of the Farm Tree on the left.

Quick Tip: The registration process will lead users directly into adding fields. The +Add Fields button is located on multiple pages, including Field Story, Field Forecast, and Sustainability.

Step 3

Select the John Deere Operations Center option, read the Heads Up pop-up, and select Add Fields to continue.

Step 4

The John Deere sign in page will appear, enter your Username and select Next.

John Deere Sign In Page

Step 5

After the next page loads, enter your John Deere Operations Center password and select Sign In.

MyJohnDeere - Sign In Password Entry

Step 6

The following page will have details about the connection between Agrible and John Deere, read and select Allow Access to proceed.

MyJohnDeere - Allow Access

Step 7

The Agrible website will load with details about the available John Deere Operations Center organizations. Select the organization you wish to import fields from, then click Authorize. If selecting an organization that is already Authorized, skip to Step 9.

Add Fields - Authorize Access

Step 8

You will be redirected to the John Deere Operations Center website with the Connect with Agrible Field Import option on the screen. Click on the grey toggle to the left of your organization name to change it to green, then click Save.

Add Fields - MyJohnDeere Authorizing Organization

Step 9

After the Agrible website Import Fields option loads, select an Authorized organization and click Import Fields to start the import process.

Step 10

A progress report will display on the screen. After the import is complete, select Done. The website will load Field Story so you can get started with your newly imported field(s).

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