Step 1. Enter the add fields map.

  • Option 1: Select the "Map Entry" option during the sign up process to enter create your own boundaries.
  • Option 2: If you skipped adding fields during the sign up process, select the "Add Fields" button within your Farm Tree. Then, select the "Map Entry" option to create your own boundaries.

Step 2. Add Fields

Step 2.1 Enter an address, a zip code, a city and state, latitude and longitude, or use the zoom controls to find a location on the map. 

  • Quick Tip: Add boundaries based on crop type and management practices. 
  • Quick Tip: You cannot select multiple pre-loaded boundaries to create one large boundary. You will need to use the draw tool to create the boundary.

Step 2.2 Select from the pre-loaded boundaries or draw your own boundary. If the draw tool is not highlighted, you are not zoomed in to the map far enough to activate the draw feature.

  • Quick Tip: When drawing boundaries, zoom in as close to the map as possible to create the most accurate boundary. Clicking and dragging the map will not drop a pin while drawing, only clicking or tapping will drop pins.

Step 2.3 To draw a boundary, start by clicking or tapping on one corner/edge of the field. Continue clicking/tapping around the boundary of the field and return to the original point for a final click to close the boundary. There are no limits on the number of pins you can drop to complete a field boundary, so that you can draw irregular shaped boundaries and center pivot irrigation boundaries. If you make a mistake while drawing, select the "x" to remove the last dropped pin. 

Step 3. Name your farms and fields

How to name your farms and fields

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