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Drawing field boundaries in your account
Drawing field boundaries in your account

Select or draw boundaries on a map

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To add fields to your account with our Map Entry option, follow the instructions below or scroll to the bottom and watch the video.

Quick Tip: During the sign up process, the system will automatically prompt you to enter your fields. If you skipped adding fields during sign up, please follow the instructions below.

Quick Tip: You are able to add as many farms and fields as they like, providing they are part of the 48 contiguous United States.

Step 1

Select Log In in the upper right corner of the Agrible homepage.

Step 2

Select Field Story from the navigation at the top of the page.

Step 3

Select +Add Fields on the top left.

  • Quick Tip: The Add Fields option is accessible on multiple pages.

Field Story - Add Fields

Step 4

Select Map Entry option on the left.

Step 5

Locate your field on the map by entering an address, a zip code, a city and state, latitude and longitude in the search box on the upper left -OR- use the zoom controls on the upper right to find a location on the map.

Step 6

Draw your own boundaries (Option A) -OR- select from pre-loaded boundaries (Option B).

Option A: To draw a boundary, start by clicking or tapping on one corner/edge of the field. Continue clicking/tapping around the boundary of the field and return to the original point for a final click on the checkmark to close the boundary. There are no limits on the number of pins you can drop to complete a field boundary, which allows you to draw irregular shaped boundaries and center pivot irrigation boundaries. If you make a mistake while drawing, select the "x" to remove the last dropped pin.

  • Quick Tip: If the draw tool is not highlighted with green text, you are not zoomed in to the map far enough to activate the draw feature.

  • Quick Tip: When drawing boundaries, zoom in as close to the map as possible to create the most accurate boundary. Clicking and dragging the map will not drop a pin while drawing, only clicking or tapping will drop pins.

Option B: Hover over your farm to check if there is a pre-loaded boundary available, the boundary will highlight when your mouse crosses onto it. To select a pre-loaded boundary, click one time while hovering over the desired boundary.

  • Quick Tip: You cannot select multiple pre-loaded boundaries to create one large boundary. You will need to use Option A to draw the boundary.

  • Quick Tip: Add boundaries based on crop type and management practices.

Step 7

Enter a name for your field, choose a Group Name, and select an existing farm or create a farm to place it under.

How to Add Fields in the Agrible Platform - Video

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