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How to name your farms and fields
How to name your farms and fields

Understanding Agrible's Farm Tree hierarchy

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Agrible's Farm Tree hierarchy

During the sign up process, you are asked to name your organization. This is typically your Ag business name. An organization acts as the top tier in your Farm Tree and represents an Agrible account. 

A group is a level underneath an organization, but above a farm. Typical Agrible accounts will only have the ability to have one group. Enterprise level accounts may contain multiple groups to represent various business entities. 

Note: MyJohnDeere account users will show a separate group for their imported farms and fields.

A farm is a level underneath a group, but above a field. A farm in the Agrible system is defined as a group of fields. Typically, users will use their landlord's name as their farm names with all the landlord's fields underneath.

A field is a level underneath a farm, and is the lowest level on the Agrible Farm Tree. A field is the Agrible system is defined as a boundary or tract of land. A group of fields is a farm. 

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