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How to add multiple users to your Agrible account
How to add multiple users to your Agrible account

Add multiple users to your Agrible account

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Sustainability Campaign Members have access to add multiple users to their account. This option will allow them to alter the permissions for the user, so they can only perform approved actions. Users with access to shared farm information can add and view their private farm data as well.

How To Add Multiple Users To Your Agrible Account

Step 1

Select Log In in the upper right corner of the Agrible homepage.

Step 2

Click on My Dashboard at the top left corner.

Step 3

Select the My Account from the drop down.

Permissions - Access My Account

Step 4

The My Account: Profile area will load. Click on the Permissions tab.

My Account - Profile Area

Quick Tip: If the Permissions tab is not visible, your account type may not qualify for this feature. Select the Subscriptions tab to confirm if you only have a free account or your access has expired.

Step 5

Select the + Invite User button on the right, a pop-up will appear.

Permissions - Invite User

Step 6

Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email address of the person you would like to invite and select Send.

Invite User - Enter Data

The page will reload with the permission settings for the user you have just invited. Follow the instructions below to customize the permissions for invited users. IMPORTANT: If you do not set permissions for the user(s), they will receive an invitation email but will not be able to view or access any of your fields.

How To Customize Shared User Permissions

Step 1

From the Permissions page, select the correct Organization, Farm, and User from the drop downs.

Step 2

Add a checkbox to each option you would like the selected user to have access to, then select Save.

Permissions - User Access Customization

Use the same methods in Steps 1 and 2 to set permissions for each invited user, for each farm you want them to have access to.

Access Types


The access to view data or a feature.


The access to add data.


The access to change existing data.


The access to delete data for a feature on a farm/field.

CAUTION: Deletion of data, including field events, fields, or entire farms, is not able to be undone. Do not give access without taking this into consideration first.

Common Reasons For Adding Multiple Users To Your Agrible Account

  • You would like your daily Morning Farm Report email sent to more than one person.

  • You would like to share your fields with your farm manager, agronomist, or precision ag specialist.

  • You would like to share operations data with a landlord.

What It Looks Like For The Invited User

Once an invitation has been submitted, the invited user will receive an email inviting them to access the field information you have selected to share. The invited user will then be prompted to register for a free account or login to their existing account.

Permissions - Email Invitation

IMPORTANT: If you do not set permissions for the user(s), they will receive this invitation email but will not be able to view or access any of your fields.

Upon login, they will have to select your farm or field in the Farm Tree to access the details. Your farm(s) and field(s) will be listed under Shared Organizations. The invited user(s) will have the ability to add and manage their own farms and fields separate from your organization and account. However, invited users will only have access to the Sustainability product features if they are independently part of a campaign or are viewing your field(s).

Permissions - Invited User View

The invited user will have access to view data for the shared fields in their Morning Farm Report email, as seen below. You will note, the shared fields display data for Tractor Time, but the fields owned by the invited user do not. This is due to Tractor Time only being accessible for fields owned by users who are part of a Sustainability Campaign.

Morning Farm Report - Invited User

If you are unsure that you have set up the permissions sharing correctly, feel free to contact Customer Support. Start a live conversation with our support team by clicking the speech bubble chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

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