Quick Tip: Account Sharing is available with Agronomy & Logistics, Drone Services, or Agrible All Access packages.  

Common reasons for adding multiple users to your Agrible account: 

  • You would like your daily Morning Farm Report email sent to more than one person. 
  • You would like to share your fields with your farm manager, agronomist, or precision ag specialist. 
  • You would like to share operations data with a landlord. 

Step 1. Select the My Account icon

Select the My Account icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select “My Account”. 

Step 2.  Select the permissions icon

Select the permissions icon across the top of the new window. Once you have clicked, you will see three headings, "Select Organization", "Select Users", and "Set Permissions".

Step 3. Input a name and email address

Go to the "Users" section and select "Invite User". Input the first/last name in addition to the email address of the invitee. Click "Invite User".

***If you have invited somebody that does not have an existing Agrible account, they will need to visit their email inbox to activate their new Agrible account. This can be done at anytime.  

Step 4.  Select the organization and farms

In the "Organization" section, select your organization to share it. In the "Farms" section, select the farms that you would like to share with invited users.

Step 5. Select the user

Go to the "Users" section and select the email that you would like to share the selected farms to. 

Step 6. Select permissions

In the "Permissions" section select empty boxes to turn sharing on. If you would like the invitee to view information only, then only select the “View” column. Select "Save" once you have turned on the permissions that you wish to activate. 

If you are unsure that you have set up the permissions sharing correctly, feel free to contact Customer Support by starting a live conversation in the lower right hand corner of this screen.

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