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How To Delete A Farm Or Field
How To Delete A Farm Or Field

Delete a farm or field from your account

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All of your farm and field management will take place within the Farm Tree in your account. The Farm Tree contains an "Edit" button that will activate edit mode for the item currently selected on your your Farm Tree.


Deleting farms or fields are significant events in Agrible's platform and will change your account permanently.  If you want to proceed with deleting farms or fields, consequences and instructions are detailed below.

  • Deleting a farm will delete all fields grouped underneath that farm.

  • Deleting a field will delete the field boundary from your account.

  • Deleting a field will delete all information entered into Field Story for that field.

Quick Tip: Fields that have been previously committed to a Sustainability Campaign cannot be deleted. This is to prevent loss of campaign data. In instances where a field is no longer used or boundaries have been altered, please rename the old field to indicate this and create a new one.

How To Delete A Farm Or Field


Step 1

Select to Log In to your Agrible account.

Step 2

Select Field Story at the top middle of the page.

Step 3

The Farm Tree is on the left with all of your Farms and Fields listed. Select the desired Farm or Field by clicking the circular radial button to the left of its name.

Step 4

Select Edit on the top left, above the Farm Tree. The Edit Farm Tree pop-up will appear.

Step 5

Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up and select Delete.

*This cannot be undone.*

Delete A Farm Or Field

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