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How to update a field's planting data
How to update a field's planting data

Updating default planting events

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Planting data events are set for each Cropping Season on a field. The information for the planting data is set when the Cropping Season is added. This information can be altered as needed, by accessing this event in Field Story.

How To Update A Field's Planting Data

Step 1

Select Log In in the upper right corner of the Agrible homepage.

Step 2

Select Field Story from the navigation at the top of the page.

Step 3

Select the correct field in the Farm Tree on the left.

Step 4

Click on the desired Cropping Season to expand the details for review.

Field Story - Cropping Season Selection

Step 5

Select the PlantingCompletion event.

Cropping Season - Planting Completion

Step 6

Select the Edit in the upper right corner.

Step 7

Select the + Add Variety or the edit pencil icon on the right to alter the existing variety.

Edit Planting Completion

Step 8

A pop-up will appear with the customizable options, select the necessary data and click Save.

Step 9

Review the updates made, then click Save on the bottom right to save your PlantingCompletion updates.

Adding A Variety

Editing An Existing Variety

Edit PlantingCompletion Details - Existing Variety

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