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How to delete a field event
How to delete a field event

Delete field events from Field Story

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All deletions of field events take place within the Field Story area of your account, under the appropriate Cropping Season.

CAUTION: Deletion of field events cannot be undone - new events can be added to replace the deleted event as needed.

Events that can be deleted:

Chemical Application

Fertilizer Application

Hail Log


Soil Test


How To Delete A Field Event

Step 1

Select Log In in the upper right corner of the Agrible homepage.

Step 2

Select Field Story from the navigation at the top of the page.

Step 3

Select the correct field in the Farm Tree on the left.

Step 4

Click on the desired Cropping Season to expand the details for review.

Farm Tree and Cropping Season Locations

Step 5

Click on the Field Event you wish to delete.

Field Event

Step 6

Select Delete in the top right.

Field Event - Delete Location

Step 7

Select Delete on the confirmation box. *This cannot be undone.*

The page will then reload the cropping season information with that event no longer present. Watch below to view the entire process.

Delete Event Example

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