Adding a chemical application from the Spray Smart tool

Step 1. Open the Spray Smart tool within your Agrible account

Spray Smart can be accessed from any device type using your internet browser. Spray Smart displays windows of opportunity for the most and least favorable spray conditions based on current and forecasted weather. A “+” button is available in the spray log row for each hour to record a chemical application.

Step 2. Select the "+" button to create a chemical application
The date and hour will automatically populate based on your selection. You can then begin creating your Chemical Application, like you would in Field Story. The weather conditions for the hour selected will automatically be saved in the chemical application as well (only available within the Spray Smart tool). You are provided the option to add an application cost and a note. 

Step 3. Save the chemical application
Once “Save” is selected, the chemical application created in Spray Smart is saved in Field Story.

Adding a chemical application from Field Story

Step 1. Open the Field Story tool 

Field Story: Timeline is the location within your account where you enter in each field's operational data. Find the tool selection navigation and select "Field Story" within the Records section. Also, make sure to select the field you would like to add data to within the Farm Tree. 

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Step 2. Select the "add new event" button to create a new chemical application

  • Quick Tip: Chemical applications are never created as default events within your account. You will always need to add a new event for chemical applications. 

Once you are in Field Story and have a field selected, scroll down the screen to the "add new event" button and select it. 

Step 3. Select "Chemical Application" 

Select the "Chemical Application" event and then select "Next". Then, choose a chemical event selection. 

  • Quick Tip: To add a chemical application to the field, you need to select "Add Chemical Program to Field". Selecting "Applicator Only", "Tank Mix Only", or "Application Method Only" will allow you to create presets that you can use when you add a chemical program to a field to help speed up the process. These selections will not add a chemical application event to the field. 

Step 4. Create your Chemical Application and Tank Mix

Proceed thru each step of the Chemical Application event. If you have not created any preset chemical application methods or tank mixes, they will be created automatically as you complete adding a chemical program to a field.

Step 5. Save your Chemical Application event

The "Save" button will activate once you have entered all the needed information to complete the event. If the save button is not active, there is a piece of information that has yet to be completed within the event. The chemical application will be saved in Field Story. 

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