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Step 1. Open the Field Story tool

Field Story: Timeline is the location within your account where you enter in each field's operational data. Find the tool selection navigation and select "Field Story" within the Records section. Also, make sure to select the field you would like to add data to within the Farm Tree. 

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Step 2. Select the crop year you would like to add data to

Once you are in Field Story and have a field selected, scroll down the screen to the "Timeline" section. You will see default crop years already added to your account. Select a crop year to expand it, so you can see all the default field events within. 

Step 3. Select a field event to edit

Once you have opened up a crop year, select a default event you would like to edit. It is always good to start with the planting event. Selecting the event will expand it, so that you can view each detail of the field event. 

Step 4. Edit a field event

To edit an expanded field event (Step 3), simply select one of the event's details that contains the edit pencil icon. This will open the event for full editing. 

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