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Step 1. Open the Field Story tool

Field Story: Timeline is the location within your account where you enter in each field's operational data. Find the tool selection navigation and select "Field Story" within the Records section. Also, make sure to select the field you would like to add data to within the Farm Tree. 

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Step 2. Select the crop year you would like to add the irrigation system to

Once you are in Field Story and have a field selected, scroll down the screen to the "Timeline" section. You will see default crop years already added to your account. Select a crop year to expand it, so you can see all the default field events within. 

Step 3. Select the Field Characteristics event

Once you have opened up a crop year, select the Field Characteristics event. Selecting the event will expand it, so that you can view each detail. Setting up an irrigation system happens inside of the Field Characteristics event.

Step 4. Edit the event

To edit an expanded field event (shown in Step 3), simply select one of the event's details that contains the edit pencil icon. This will open the event for full editing. 

  • Quick Tip: You will be taken through all Field Characteristic steps, one of which includes the Irrigation System set up. 

Step 5. Setting up an irrigation system

Once you arrive at the irrigation step, you will need to select "Irrigation System". The next steps will ask you to input Irrigation Hardware Type, Irrigated Area, Irrigation Capacity, Water Source, Tailwater Recover System (Y/N?), Energy Source, Fuel Type, Pump Pressure, and Pump Depth. 

IMPORTANT: The next step asks about your irrigation schedule. You have the option to select "Automatic" or "Manual". 

  • Automatic: Selecting Automatic uses Agrible's soil moisture model to automatically apply irrigation water once the soil moisture reaches a certain percentage. This moisture percentage threshold is selected by you if you select "Automatic"
  • Manual: Selecting Manual allows you to add individual "Irrigation Events" in Field Story based on when you apply irrigation to the field. For each time that you irrigation the field, you would need to add a new Irrigation Event in Field Story. Adding manual irrigation events in Field Story
  • Irrigation System On/Off: If the crop was irrigated for the crop year that is being edited, the irrigation system should be set to "On". 

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