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Field Forecast: Growing Degree Days
Field Forecast: Growing Degree Days

Field Forecast: Growing Degree Days provides historic heat accumulation for each of the fields added to your account

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Total rainfall yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and year-to-date. Compare your field's year-to-date total with the 10-year average and 30-year normal. 

Quick Tip: Each card is color coded based on the difference from average. A blue color indicates below average Growing Degree Days and a red color indicates above average Growing Degree Days.

Year to Date

The slope of the plot shows how quickly or slowly heat is accumulating for crop development.

Important Note: The GDD calculation is based off of the crop entered into Field Story. Accounts where the crop is not set for the current cropping season or is cropped in a non-supported crop for the Yield and Nutrient Engine, defaults to calculating GDD using the method for corn (86/50 in Fahrenheit or 30/10 in Celsius). The area shaded in grey on the plot is the average. Select specific days directly on the plot to view the total accumulated GDD.

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