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Yield Engine: Harvest Moisture
Yield Engine: Harvest Moisture

Harvest moisture predictions based on targeted moisture percentages

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Harvest moisture predictions are shown by default target moisture percentages and date ranges for when a physiological mature crop will hit the targeted moisture percentage in Yield Engine. The dry down dates shown are dependent upon the current and future field conditions. The targeted moisture percentages differ for each crop within Agrible's platform.

For example, corn shows moisture percentages of 22.5%, 18.5%, and 15.5% and soybeans show 20%, 16%, and 13%. 

Quick Tip: Harvest moisture predictions depend heavily on the planting date. To change the planting date for the field, visit Field Story.

Quick Tip: Note that "HRV" means that the crop is past harvest according to the Harvest Completion date in Field Story. Please visit Field Story if the field has not yet been harvested to change the Harvest Completion date.

Quick Tip: Once an actively growing crop reaches maturity, Harvest Moisture is no longer available.

Yield Engine: Harvest Moisture

Note: This feature is only available for Sustainability Campaign members.

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