Today’s Soil Moisture values represent the current day’s soil moisture in the plant’s root zone. The soil moisture data presented is the percent plant-available water, plant-available water in inches, and today’s status of plant-available moisture.

The cards provide an easy way to monitor the root-zone moisture, and provide insight into crop stress resulting from inadequate soil moisture. All values represent conditions forecasted by the end of the current day.

Quick Tip: Once an actively growing crop reaches maturity, Today's Soil Moisture is no longer available. 

Root Depth: The rooting depth of the crop in inches. 

Percent Available Water (% Avail Water): The percentage of plant-available water for the field’s dominant soil type. 

Available Water (Avail Water): The amount of plant-available water in inches for the field’s dominant soil type. 

Today’s Status: A soil moisture condition based on crop stress as determined by the Yield Engine. The card is color-coded based on the status of surplus (blue), adequate (green), low (yellow) , and depleted (red).

Today's Soil Moisture

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