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Nutrient Engine: Nitrogen
Nutrient Engine: Nitrogen

A complete recommendation and modeling system for Nitrogen

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Nutrient Engine is a complete recommendation and modeling system that tracks your nitrogen (N) throughout the growing season. Nutrient Engine works in conjunction with Field Story and Yield Engine to provide accurate nutrient demands and utilization for crops supported by the Agrible platform.  The information provided by the Nutrient Engine is updated on a daily basis and are highly dependent on the information that you have entered into Field Story.

Important Note: If you have not added your fertilizer events into Field Story, then these values may not reflect what is actually occurring within your field. 

Forecast - Soil Nitrogen Until Maturity

Required: The pounds per acre of Nitrogen required to reach the projected crop maturity (Field Yield from Yield Engine) updated today. 

Available: The plant available pounds per acre of Nitrogen that will be readily available after the projected crop maturity updated today. 

Surplus/Deficit: The additional pounds per acre of available Nitrogen required to reach crop maturity from today based on your denitrification losses, leaching, plant uptake, and mineralization. This can either be a surplus (green) or a deficit (red). 

14 Day Loss: The total loss of Nitrogen in the next 14 days. A yellow or green card indicates that there is still plant available Nitrogen for the actively growing crop. A red card indicates that the plant is being stressed because there is currently no plant available forms of Nitrogen. 

Status - Soil Nitrogen Season-To-Date

Total: Season to date status of Total Nitrogen representing short and medium term availability of Nitrogen. The total includes organic and inorganic fractions of Nitrogen, plant available and non-plant available. 

Available: Season to date status of Plant Available Nitrogen. Adding an inhibitor to a Fertilization event in Field Story will affect the conversion of the fertilizer to Plant Available forms. 

Inorganic: Season to date status of Inorganic forms of Nitrogen which includes the Plant Available forms in addition to non-available inorganic forms of Nitrogen. Inhibited inorganic Nitrogen will show under Inorganic before being converted to plant available forms.  

Organic: Season to date status of Organic forms of Nitrogen which is primarily not plant available. High Organic Matter soils have a larger organic makeup and usually mineralize a significant amount of plant available Nitrogen requiring less fertilization. Residue management and manure credits are included in the Organic card.

Use - Crop Nitrogen Season-To-Date

Growth Stage: Today’s growth stage based on the planting date, seed traits, and other information that has been entered into Field Story. 

Grain: Today’s total amount of Nitrogen, in pounds per acre, that has been converted into the grain portion of the crop. 

Plant: Today’s total amount of Nitrogen, in pounds per acre, that is currently in the stalk and leaves of the crop. Adding the total Nitrogen in the grain and plant provides the total used by the above-ground crop. 

Uptake: Today’s total conversion of the various sources of Nitrogen applied into crop growth based on the season's nutrient applications made in Field Story. 

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