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Yield Engine: Field Yield
Yield Engine: Field Yield

Yield forecasts months in advance

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The Yield Engine’s primary function is providing a yield forecast months in advance at a field level. Currently, the Yield Engine supports corn, soybeans, winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley, peanuts, and cotton.

Within Field Story, you are able to enter in your field's operational data as a management plan, in real time, or historically, and Yield Engine will provide a yield forecast for the field. In addition to yield forecasts, Yield Engine will track crop growth stage, root zone soil moisture availability, and harvest moisture predictions. Using Agrible’s biophysical crop model, Yield Engine is able to forecast into the future based on the historical and forecasted agronomic conditions plus a field's operational data that has been input into the system.

Yield Engine: Field Yield

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