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Agrible's Weather Story articles focus on the short-term high impact weather events occurring over high producing agricultural areas. They include high quality weather maps with short text to allow for an easy to digest update on the major weather events impacting agriculture both domestically and internationally over the next 1-3 days, with new content posted regularly.

Agrible's Ag Forecast with Eric Snodgrass is a short video forecasting agronomic weather for the current week throughout the United States, along with updates across the globe. The video focuses on key agricultural production areas, but also includes occasional weather phenomenons. 

Sign up for an Agrible account to gain access to Weather Story and have Ag Forecast videos emailed to you every Monday and Thursday morning.

Weather Story Release Schedule

Global Ag Forecast - Monday and Thursday by 6am CT

Canadian Prairie Regional Forecast - Monday through Friday by 12pm CT - Now with frequent audio updates!

US Long-range Forecast - Tuesday by 3pm CT - Now provided as infographics!

US Regional Forecasts - Monday through Friday by 12pm CT - Now provided as frequent audio updates!

(Includes the Corn Belt, Northeast, West, and Southern US Regional Forecasts.)

NEW - South America Ag Forecast - Monday and Thursday by 6am CT - Available via the Agrible Video Archive. Stay tuned for website updates!

Accessing Weather Story

Step 1

Select to Log In or Sign Up for an Agrible account.

Step 2

Select Weather on the left of the upper navigation.

Step 3

Select the Weather Story feature.

Weather Story - Navigation

Step 4

Choose the region you wish to view data for by hovering over the image of North America and clicking on the desired region. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom to access the Big Picture Forecasts at the bottom of the page.

Weather Story - Region Selection

Step 5 (optional)

Use the drop down selector above the video (or infographic download) to choose one from a different date or a different region.

Weather Story - Video Date Selector

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