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How to update a field's fertilization events
How to update a field's fertilization events

Updating default fertilization events

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Fertilization Events are set for each Cropping Season on a field. You can add as many Fertilizer Events as needed. This information can be altered as needed, by accessing this event in Field Story.

How To Update A Field's Fertilizer Events

Step 1

Select Log In in the upper right corner of the Agrible homepage.

Step 2

Select Field Story from the navigation at the top of the page.

Step 3

Select the correct field in the Farm Tree on the left.

Step 4

Click on the desired Cropping Season to expand the details for review.

Field Story - Cropping Season Selection

Step 5

Select the FertilizerApplication event.

Cropping Season - Fertilizer Application Event

Step 6

Select the Edit in the upper right corner.

Step 7

Select + Add One-Time Fertilizer, Saved Blends at the top, or the edit pencil icon on the right to alter the existing fertilizer.

Edit Fertilizer Application Options

Step 8

When adding a one-time fertilizer, creating/selecting a saved blend, or editing the existing fertilizer data, a pop-up will appear with the customizable options, select the necessary data, and click Save.

Step 9

Use the same methods in Steps 1 through 8 to make alterations to the Application Methods and Applicator.

Step 10

Review the data and then click Save on the bottom right to save your updates.

Adding A One-Time Fertilizer

Accessing Saved Blends

Edit Existing Fertilizer Data

Deleting Fertilizer Components

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