Caution: Visit "How to name your farms and fields" if you are unfamiliar with Agrible's farm/field terminology.

Creating a new farm

All farms are created during the add fields process. If you are performing a field boundary import, the names associated with the boundaries being imported will be added to your account automatically. There is currently no way to add a new "farm" to your Farm Tree without proceeding through the Map Entry add fields process. If you have added all your fields to your account, here is how you can create a new farm. 

Step 1. Enter the add field's map 

Select the "Add Fields" button within your Farm Tree. Then, select the "Create" option to enter "Add Fields with Map Entry".

Step 2. Add a field to your account

Select any boundary (field) on the map, so that you can create a new farm. Input a field name (enter anything you would like, but something that you can still identify later), then enter a new farm name. The field you are creating is simply a placeholder, so that you can add a new farm to your Farm Tree.

Step 3. Move your existing fields to the new farm

Open edit mode within your Farm Tree, so that you can move existing fields into the farm you just created.
How to move a field to a different farm

Step 4. Delete the placeholder field that was created

Delete the "placeholder" field that you created, as its only purpose was so that you could create a new farm.
How to delete a farm or field

Creating a new group

Currently, you are only allowed to have one group per account. The group level is available for larger enterprise accounts which may require multiple levels within their account structure.

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