The Agrible name has replaced Morning Farm Report. Your same tools, features, and much more will now live under Agrible at, rather than 

We've listened to our customers and the agricultural community, and to help simplify, we’ve developed a new look and feel for the website, upgraded the technology, and added new features.

All New Navigation

Farm Tree 

The Farm Tree has all of the same functionality as before along with new features. The Farm Tree is named based on the field, farm, or organization you have selected. For example, if you have the “Home” field selected, the Farm Tree will be named “Home”. 

New Farm Tree Features

  • Enable edit mode directly within your Farm Tree to rename farms or fields, move fields to different farms, or delete fields from your account. 
  • Organization shared to your account are now separated in your Farm Tree. 
  • Remove a shared organization from your Farm Tree.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu has all of the same functionality as before, however we have categorized each tool into Weather, Business, Records, Agronomy, and Planning.

Switch Between Card and Map Views

Switching between Views is now found within the Tools menu.  Easily switch between views to see information presented as cards or on a map. 

Enhanced Mobile Design

Agrible’s enhanced mobile design allows for a larger viewing area and more intuitive navigation around your screen. 

Operation-Level Data

View all your field’s data at once to quickly assess rainfall, potential yields, or soil trafficability across your entire operation. 

While viewing operation-level data, quickly drill down to the field level for problematic or fields of interest by selecting the field. 

How to view operation-level data? 

Step 1. In your Farm Tree, select the name of your organization. 

Select the name of your organization in your Farm Tree and then close out your Farm Tree by selecting the “X” in the upper right hand corner.  

Note: You can view data at the organization level, but also the group and farm level. For example, if you only wanted to view data for the fields within your Home Farm you would select the Home Farm in your Farm Tree. 

Step 2. In your Tools menu, select a tool.

Select the Tools menu, then select a tool you would like to see data from. Selecting a tool will automatically close the Tools menu. If you’re interested in potential yields, select “Yield Engine”. If you’re interested in soil trafficability, select “Tractor Time”. If you’re interested in rainfall totals, select “Field Forecast”. If you’re interested in Nitrogen availability, select “Nutrient Engine”.

Note: The current tools that allow you to view operation-level data are Field Forecast, Yield Engine, Tractor Time, and Nutrient Engine. This feature is rolling out to our most popular tools first. If you want this feature to support your favorite tool, let us know!

Step 3. View your operation-level data. Filter your data using "Options". 

View data for each of your fields at the same time. Use the "Options" button to filter the data that you want to see. Once you have chose the options you want, select "Done" in the upper right hand corner.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to start a live conversation with us in the lower right hand corner!

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