Tractor Time provides the status of a field's soil conditions two weeks in advance. View an hourly 72-hour forecast of field work conditions alongside the next 14 days of forecasted field work conditions. 

Next 72 Hours

The 72 hour forecast displays the Primary and Wet spot soil condition status, weather conditions (Conditions), air temperature (Air Temp), Relative Humidity (RH), Soil Temperature (Soil Temp), and Visibility. An “Add” button is available underneath the 72 hour forecast to record a field note. The field note will automatically populate the date and weather conditions based on the current hour. In addition you will be able to enter custom text in the notes section that could include scouting observations like broken tile lines, pest pressure, rocks in the field, etc. All of the field notes that are created in Tractor Time can be viewed in Field Story.

Next 14 Days

View the daily soil condition status and 4-inch soil temperature for field operations for the next 14 days. The color of each daily card provides the forecasted soil condition status for the day. Each color is determined based on the soil bearing capacity and the tire pressure of field equipment. 


Green/check mark
The soil is suitable for all equipment types

The soil is suitable for tires inflated to less than 12 psi

The soil is suitable for light ATVs and tracked machines

Red/exclamation point
The soil is saturated and risks are high

Light Blue
Soil surface is frozen, but sudden changes in rainfall or temperature could cause a thaw

Dark Blue
Soil is frozen deep and unlikely to thaw quickly to a non-winter status

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