How to add an irrigation system to a field

Step 1. Open the Field Story tool 

Field Story: Timeline is the location within your account where you enter in each field's operational data. Find the tool selection navigation and select "Field Story" within the Records section. Also, make sure to select the field you would like to add data to within the Farm Tree. 

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Step 2. Select the "add new event" button to create a new irrigation event

  • Quick Tip: Irrigation events are never created as default events within your account. You will always need to add new irrigation events. 

Once you are in Field Story and have a field selected, scroll down the screen to the "add new event" button and select it. 

Step 3. Select "Irrigation Event"

Select "Irrigation Event" and then select "Next". 

Step 4. Create your Irrigation Event

Proceed thru each step of the Irrigation Event. Enter the date of the irrigation event, irrigation water applied, and the duration of the event.

Step 5. Save your Irrigation Event

The "Save" button will activate once you have entered all the needed information to complete the event. If the save button is not active, there is a piece of information that has yet to be completed within the event. The irrigation event will be saved in Field Story. 

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