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Permissions (Account Sharing)
Permissions allows you to share your farms and fields with others, so they can view data within your account. Only share the features, farms, and fields that you want others to have access to. Provide “Edit” access to the people you trust most, with easy controls over who can access your data. For example: don’t want to share yield values with your landlord, but you want to share field-level rainfall and temperature information? All of that’s possible with Permissions. Permissions is available for upgraded Sustainability Campaign members.

Critical Periods
Critical Periods segments a crop’s growing season into “critical periods” of crop development and provides rainfall, average temperature, and Growing Degree Day accumulation during each critical period. Critical Periods currently supports corn, soybeans, winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley, peanuts, and cotton.

Field Forecast
View forecasted and historic rainfall totals, average temperatures, and growing degree days for each of your fields. Utilize the map to view many more features.

Field Story
Record your field operations data, year after year, all in one place. Entering planting practices, fertility plans, tillage practices, chemical programs, etc. into Agrible will improve analytics for Yield Engine, Nutrient Engine, and across the site for your account.

Hail Events
Hail Events helps you see if you might have crop damage from hail by providing post-event email alerts of hail that has fallen on fields in your account. Hail Alerts are triggered at the field-specific level, and provide the probability of a hail event, the size of the hailstones, the density pattern of the hail, the duration of the hail event, and what the current crop growth stage is for the crop. It can find possible hail events as far back as January 2016.

View the current or future doppler radar for the whole United States.

Near real-time corn, soybean, and wheat futures quotes, providing an outlook for the next three years to make better decisions when it’s time to sell grain.

Nutrient Engine
A complete recommendation and modeling system that tracks your nitrogen and phosphorus throughout the growing season. Nutrient Engine works in conjunction with Field Story and Yield Engine to provide accurate nutrient demands and utilization for crops supported by Agrible. The information provided by Nutrient Engine is updated every day and is finely tuned by the farming practices entered into Field Story. Nutrient Engine currently supports corn, soybeans, winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley, peanuts, and cotton.

Quickly see your entire operation’s yield potential, receive Hail Events updates, get a picture of which fields are workable, and see insights into nutrient status. 

Spray Smart
Spray Smart displays windows of opportunity for the most and least favorable spray conditions based on current and forecasted weather. Spray Smart provides an industry-leading 72-hour forecasted presence of temperature inversion, wind speed and direction, precipitation events, sunny or overcast conditions, the potential for pollinator activity, and whether soil conditions are suitable to support a sprayer. When you are ready to spray a field, you can record the chemical application along with a snapshot of the forecasted weather data during your application time using the Spray Log feature.

Real-time agronomy is the most efficient and profitable approach to growing sustainable crops on the farm. Agrible’s Sustainability Programs integrate the latest, industry approved sustainability metrics and Agrible's predictive analytics and real-time agronomy into products and service recommendations and early alert systems for nutrient and disease management that helps in the larger commitment to ensure the global sustainability of agriculture.

Tractor Time
Tractor Time provides a two week outlook for soil details such as 4-inch temperatures and trafficability at a field level. View an hour-by-hour 3-day forecast of field work conditions alongside the next 14 days of forecasted field work conditions.

Weather Story
Agrible’s Ag Forecast video with Eric Snodgrass. A short video forecasting agronomic weather for the current week throughout the United States, along with updates in South America. An Agrible account is needed to watch this video.

Yield Engine
View yield forecasts months in advance at the field-level. Agrible is making great predictions on its own, but by providing your field’s operational and management plan in real time (and historically) into Field Story, Yield Engine provides a yield forecast for your fields. Yield Engine currently supports corn, soybeans, winter wheat, spring wheat, spring barley, peanuts, and cotton.

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