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Accessing the Ag Forecast Video
Accessing the Ag Forecast Video

How to find the Ag Forecast Video on

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Agrible's Ag Forecast Videos with Eric Snodgrass, also known as Weather Story, require an Agrible account to view the videos.

Quick Tip: You may remember when things moved from to a few years ago. If you had an existing account with Morning Farm Report, it was transferred to Agrible and your log in credentials are the exact same.

Weather Story Release Schedule

Global Ag Forecast - Monday and Thursday by 6am CT

Canadian Prairie Regional Forecast - Monday through Friday by 12pm CT - Now with frequent audio updates!

US Long-range Forecast - Tuesday by 3pm CT - Now provided as infographics!

US Regional Forecasts - Monday through Friday by 12pm CT - Now provided as frequent audio updates!

(Includes the Corn Belt, Northeast, West, and Southern US Regional Forecasts.)

NEW - South America Ag Forecast - Monday and Thursday by 6am CT - Available via the Agrible Video Archive. Stay tuned for website updates!

Accessing Weather Story

Step 1

Select to Log In or Sign Up for an Agrible account.

Step 2

Select Weather on the left of the upper navigation.

Step 3

Select the Weather Story feature.

Weather Story - Navigation

Step 4

Choose the region you wish to view videos for by hovering over the image of North America and clicking on the desired region. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom to access the Big Picture Forecasts at the bottom of the page.

Weather Story - Region Selection

Step 5 (optional)

Use the drop down selector above the video to choose a video from a different date or a different region.

Weather Story - Video Date Selector

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Agrible Customer Support Team by starting a live conversation with us. Just click on the green speech bubble in the lower right corner.

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