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Changing the crop type on a field
Changing the crop type on a field

Updating an incorrect default crop type on a field

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As crop type tends to change on fields, the system allows for a different crop per Cropping Season. Once a Cropping Season has been created with a specific crop type, the crop type cannot be changed, but varieties of the same crop can be added to your planting data.

Quick Tip: If a crop type is incorrect for a specific Cropping Season, delete that Cropping Season and add a new one with the correct crop type. Ensure you have deleted the old Cropping Season or altered the dates, as the system will prevent conflicting data from being saved.

Quick Tip: Crop years are determined based on the date of harvest. For example, a winter wheat crop planted in the fall of 2016 is considered a 2017 crop in the system because it will be harvested in 2017.ย 

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